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December 05 2019


Music 2019

In no order

Steely Dan @ 3 Arena
Best thing ever

David Donohoe – A Thousand Lies (D1 Recordings)
Best techno Madonna

Áine O’Dwyer – Accompaniment for Captives
Best wtf was that; is the island possessed now?
(photo: Maeve O’Neill)

Mac-Talla Nan Creag – The Sorrow of Derdriu (Firecracker Recordings)
Best ooooOOOooooOOOoooohhHHHh put the bucket bong down. (and art / packaging)

Bjork @ 3 Arena
Best Earth Song
(Photo – Santiago Felipe)

D1 25th Anniversary Party
Best dancing & fist pumping & table thumping

Profit Prison – Epilog (Avant!)
Best moody, soaring synths

Detroit’s Filthiest – Private Stock (Casa Voyager)
Best booty

Mark Rancati – Take Me (CGD)
Best bin find Italian George Michael wannabe 

The Lock-in – The Lock-in (All City Records)
Best lp featuring a member of Ash since 1993

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December 04 2019


One Last New Records Post for 2019

There may be a few more things I pick up but any noteworthy joints will just have to appear in my year end post which will be coming in just a few weeks. For now, check these out….

Theo Parrish with Maurissa Rose – “This Is For You” – Sound Signature

When I wrote about the last Sound Signature, I alluded to this one (which was then still unannounced) as possible track of the year material, and nothing has changed. After appearing in a number of online mixes, it finally dropped a couple weeks back and for me it is still incredible. I’ve had this since DEMF weekend, and if anything it has grown even more dear to me over that time. Using only a handful of elements, this is an example of restraint winning out over needless complexity. The vocal performance is very heartfelt, and the chords have such a distinctive pattern that all you need is that tight little drum pattern that ebbs and flows with tension and you have an instant classic, memorable from the first listen. The release label art says it is from a forthcoming Theo LP entitled Wuddaji which I am very much looking forward to.

Taelue – Reflections – Perpetual Rhythms

Nick Taelue Marshall is one of the best artists out there right now working in what I would classify as sophisticated deep house. In fact this is what Perpetual Rhythms, his label with Chicagodeep, specializes in. They pick up where labels like Guidance and Track Mode left off, giving you that electronic soul music with an underground edge. On this single LP album, which I believe is his first totally solo release, Nick gives us a taste of the variety of vibes that he is capable of, from the aggressively acidic “Rage Against Oppression” to the spacey hiphop of “A Bleak Moment”, he flits across tempo and genre, honing in on feeling and atmosphere above all else. I’m very curious to see what he can do when given a full double LP album format to work with!

The Pur Royale Project – EP – Worldship Music

Teflon Dons are back and active as I’ve mentioned here a number of times, but now they’re shining the light on another artist with their Worldship Music label. The Pur Royale Project is the work of Greg Ski, a long-time west coast producer known more for his hiphop but also behind some dope underground house. Here he works with vocalist Greg Bowers on “Christoper”, an emotional garage jam from back in the day which is seeing release for the first time now (along with an instrumental version, but with vocals like this… I’m playing them every time). And the B side comes with “Down Fifth Avenue”, a bleepy instrumental that originally appeared 25 years ago under the Royal Phenomena alias. If you love 90s house and garage, this is going to be right up your alley.

Louie Vega – “Cosmic Witch/A Place Where We Can All Be Free” – Nervous

Louie has been kinda killing it in general over the last six years or so, and this one is exceptional even within those highs. “Cosmic Witch” samples the strings from Tony Silvester’s “Cosmic Lady” quite effectively, turning it into one of those very classic-feeling jams that would turn out and outdoor festival. But despite being the A side, it’s not even the best track on the record. “A Place Where We Can All Be Free” is a deep house instrumental that wouldn’t feel out of place on NDATL. It’s exactly that style of uplifting house music that combines instrumentation and repetition in perfect amounts, the kind of thing you hear DJs like Ron Trent and Kai Alcé play and wonder what the fuck the jam they’re playing could be.

Kyle Hall – FTC01 – Forget The Clock

Kyle Hall’s newest record is also the debut of a new label of his called Forget the Clock. Featuring artwork by Michio James and continuing the synth heavy broken house flavors of his recent releases Eutrophia Sevan and Equanimity, Kyle continues to be one of the leaders of modern American dance music by sounding like nobody else. The total package of music and sound feels very well conceived and executed, this doesn’t seem like just a tossed off single to ensure he has a release out in 2019. “Full Play” is the most obvious club jam, but it is slipped in at the A2 after the short hiphop tempo cut “Rising”. The two B side jams lean dancefloor as well, but are short and less obviously structured for DJ play. In fact, this record is maybe even more satisfying as a full listen all the way through.

Kai Alcè – NDATL Makin Moves – NDATL

I’ve often said that it’s almost unfair to hand Kai a vocal track and get him to remix it. His music is consistently good, but the vocal jams is where he shines the most. And this EP feels like it is tailor-made to back up my theory. I’m definitely guilty of ignoring digital only releases, so this record helps cure that by compiling a handful of digi-only remixes Kai has done over the years onto one slab of wax. Emdee Brown’s “Again” I’ve heard on YT before but didn’t know it had actually been out. The rest are new to me and they are all on a similar level. Kai enlists his squad of instrumentalists including Byron the Aquarius, Delvyn, and Chris Irvin to add to his own soulful production instincts and the results are stellar. There will also be two more NDATL records dropping the same day this one does, one by Ed Nine and one by Kemeticjust and they both sound great as well. This caps off quite the year for Kai and NDATL!

Andrés – IV – Mahogani Music

Andrés – “All U Gotta Do Is Listen”/“ Night Time Is The Right Time” – Hizou

Andrés finally returns to the full-length game, properly following up the now classic II from 2009 (III, though it contains incredible music, is more like an underground EP). Like the previous album projects of his, this sprinkles a number of previously released joints in with a bunch of new jams, crafting a solidly Detroit listening experience where hiphop and house music are obvious siblings. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’re probably familiar with “New For U” which is included here even on the vinyl press despite seemingly everybody and their cousin (and their cousin’s dog) already having it on 12”. Other familiar killers that are less widely disseminated like his remix of “Free” by Cool Peepl and his own “Mighty Tribe” also make an appearance, which is frustrating for me because I already have them on 12” but nice for those who will just be discovering them. The new tracks are very nice, from the Latin vibes of “Back In The Old Times” to the rugged hiphop of “What’s Ur Name Again”, we are getting exactly what we expect from Andrés, though the off kilter “Run Dat Shit” adds a nice twist to his formula. I will complain though that it is annoying to have space on the vinyl used up for jams I already have, especially when the digital release has a number of tracks that sound good and didn’t make the vinyl cut. Apparently there are limited copies that contain a third disc of additional tracks from the digital album, but these are not as widely available as some shops seemed to say when they first went on sale.

On a more straight-up club friendly tip, his 12” for Hizou marks only his third release on a European label (after the great MJ sampling EP on Spills back in 2011 and the single sided “Ribena” on Sounds of the Universe from 2012) and it is a good one. Both cuts will do dancefloor damage, but I slightly prefer the B side with its synth bass and string loop. This very much feels like what he was doing back in 07, so if you like that era of his production, you should definitely peep this one.

Thom Yorke – Anima – XL

I’ve generally been a bigger fan of Thom Yorke’s solo material than the Radiohead albums since he took the more electronic vibe for himself, but this is unquestionably the most successful one since The Eraser. If you haven’t checked the longform video featuring a few of these tracks, choreography by Damien Jalet (who also did excellent work on the remake of Suspiria), and direction by Paul Thomas Anderson, it is really worthwhile. It’s old school in real life execution but modern as well. And the live show they are touring for this album which includes the visual artist Tarik Barri is equally impressive. It’s rare for me to be in awe of anybody in the pop music arena right now, but everything about this album is so well done and the additional artwork around it matches it perfectly.

Massive Attack V Mad Professor – Part II (Mezzanine Remix Tapes ’98) – Virgin

A very belated follow up to No Protection, an album I discovered just as I was really getting into dub music. Mad Professor has always excelled at dubbing out non-reggae jams, and Massive Attack’s dark electronic sound works very well with his style. This one takes from their Mezzanine era and the results are even more off the rails than you’d expect. This is not really chill music at all. Mad Professor hits the FX hard, creating a nicely weird and experimental note that will not have corporations running to license these for commercials or TV show themes.

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My Favorite Jams From 2019

It’s that time of year again to talk about what tracks moved you. 2019 overall in my view was a good year for music. If anything was solidified again is Black American House Music still leads the way. Often imitated but never ever duplicated is the reason Producers/DJ’s such as Glenn Underground, Louie Vega, Patrice Scott and others proudly carry the torch.  While looking to Europe seems to be the fashionable thing to do, really all you need to do is keep your eyes open as Black American House Music is alive and very well.

Shout out to the DJs putting the work in stateside to keep the foundation solid. These are the people ensuring the parties, music, radio shows and culture are very well maintained. My 10 tracks of 2019 may not be yours but they have influenced me in one way or another. So I guess here goes nothing.

  1. Glenn Underground- The Flat (London Projects), Strictly Jaz Unit Muzik- When I think of GU what comes to my mind immediately is genius. The Flat is no different this time around. A beautifully arranged piece of music. The raw emotion from the keys and the powerful kick make this one not to miss. I played this a few times out and every time the crowd was screaming and begging for more. I’d like to attribute this to the feeling this record conveys. Glenn Underground does it again. Glenn Underground The Flat (London Projects)  
  2.  Louie Vega- A Place Where We Can All Be Free, Nervous Records- Louie Vega had some major tracks drop in 2019. One     I think might go overlooked, and is my favorite is this one right here. On the flip side of Cosmic Witch Feat Anane. The       guitar on the cut is reminiscent of George Benson. With a heavy New Jack Swing bass line, this is a peak time anthem. Altogether this is record is a dancers dream come true. Louie Vega A Place Where We Can All Be Free   
  3. Theo Parrish- What You Gonna Ask For (Dego’s Mix), Sound Signature- What do you get when Detroit and London            combine forces? You get pure fire!!! Dego’s Mix of What You Gonna Ask For is for the boogie heads. This piece of music     combines a sultry vocal with a rolling piano line and a sweet sax. Feel good music is what we need and that is exactly       what Theo Parrish and Dego have delivered. The Parrish What You Gonna Ask For (Dego’s Mix)
  4. Patrice Scott- Chasing Dreams, Neroli- Patrice Scott is from a place where it’s difficult to say who is best. Detroit has a rich heritage of music and Scott is living up to all of those huge expectations plus some. Chasing Dreams is a 4am thriller that can be used to jump start the party again. His use of all of the musical elements is brilliant. Heavy Bass, crisp hitting snares, and heavenly synths. Patrice Scott has influenced Rhythm Nation San Diego immensely and this is one major reason why. Patrice Scott Chasing Dreams
  5. Small Creatures- Black Rose (Jon Dixon Rmx)- This record has been a secret of sorts (Cant Find it on the internet at all). I found this at Wajeed’s and LADYMONIX popup shop at Submerge during Movement in Detroit. Jon Dixon flips this cut and puts vybes all over it. Between the lovely vocals and the keys this is something to make love to, or simply lose your mind on an intimate dark dance floor. Many times now we take the music out of Dance Music. This jam places it right back in and gives a big gorgeous kiss to go with it.
  6. Latin Soul Brothas- Termino (Deep Pass), Noble Square Recordings- Termino (Deep Pass) by Latin Soul Brothas is a gem. Under one of Ricardo Miranda’s monikers he proves why he is nothing short of genius. This track reeks of Puerto Rican soul of a time gone by. The organ solo is definitely one to be tweaked and played with throughout. Termino is prime example why Ricardo Miranda should have a crack at a Fania Remix sooner rather than later. Latin Soul Brothas Termino

7. DJ Kemit, Carl McIntosh, and Kai Alce- Digital Love (Remix), Sound Signature- Dance music is missing a key component            in my view, and that is house music with meaning. Digital Love is a gorgeous cut filled with a smooth vocal and a sultry                bassline. Just as much as this is for cuddling up with that special one, it def is a dance floor filler. DJ Kemit, Carl                            McIntosh, and Kai Alce got it all the way right with this one. DJ Kemit Digital Love (Remix)

8. Alton Miller feat. Nasiphi- Love’s Right Here, Division 81 Records- This came out the end on 2018 but I cooped this the              beginning of 2019. Alton Miller is arguably Detroit’s most talented and proficient producer. Constantly he is pushing out              quality and cutting edge music. Love’s Right Here hits the spot in many ways. It’s rhythm is intoxicating and will leave                  you begging for more. Alton Miller hits big with this one for sure. Alton Miller Love’s Right Here

9. Boo Williams- Outer Limits, Boo Moonman- Boo Williams one of the most talented producers in all of house music does               it again! They say Mr. Williams is a genre all to himself. Outter Limits is proof as to why. With the use of spaced out keys,             strings, and a rolling acid line this cut is destined for prime time mayhem. On the border of techno and house is where                 this sits, and if you know how to use these kinds of records you definitely are starting a fire out there. Boo Williams Outer Limits

10. Santiago Salazar- Hey Life, Love What You Feel- Santiago Salazar is one of the hardest working producers in all of true                underground dance music. As well he is a very fine DJ to boot. Hey Life off of The Night Owl EP is a 4am piece of work                  with the feel of finding that hidden LA Underground late at night. The possibilities are infinite for Santiago and this cut                is overwhelming proof why. Santiago Salazar Hey Life

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November 22 2019


Podcast November 2019: for j.

[Download link of the podcast episode is at the end of this post]

Happy birthday son!

  1. 00:00 – 01:59 MIYAMIGO – breezy CC BY-NC-ND
  2. 01:53 – 03:58 MIYAMIGO – guess u CC BY-NC-ND
  3. 03:47 – 05:54 SOMER – not together CC BY-NC-SA
  4. 05:41 – 08:12 SOYB – yesterday CC BY
  5. 07:58 – 09:57 SOYB – before sunset CC BY
  6. 09:47 – 12:02 DOMINANT – just chilling CC BY-NC-SA
  7. 12:02 – 14:54 VINDU – ask me on a date CC BY-NC-ND
  8. 14:43 – 16:47 AVISCERALL – i am a fool for beauty CC BY-NC
  9. 16:46 – 19:23 AVISCERALL – lullabyes CC BY-NC
  10. 19:17 – 21:16 A. SARR – a turtle in space CC BY-NC-SA
  11. 21:10 – 23:08 AQUALINA – love letters [w/eiiwun.] CC BY-NC-SA
  12. 23:01 – 25:01 AQUALINA – ambedo CC BY-ND
  13. 24:46 – 27:02 STERYOTYPE – holdtheline CC BY-NC
  14. 26:58 – 29:01 LASER – alone in april CC BY-NC-SA
  15. 28:51 – 32:20 LASER – hermit crab CC BY-NC-SA
  16. 31:59 – 34:05 FRIENDLY KNOWLEDGE – coming soon CC BY
  17. 34:05 – 36:56 FRIENDLY KNOWLEDGE – granlabuoffe CC BY
  18. 36:56 – 39:25 MIILANO – lost in these city lights CC BY-NC-ND
  19. 39:15 – 40:55 MIILANO – whiskey. CC BY-NC-ND
  20. 40:39 – 42:46 BAECHULGI – tide CC BY-ND
  21. 42:40 – 44:10 BAECHULGI – limitations CC BY-ND
  22. 44:01 – 45:24 CHICCOTE’S BEATS – with CC BY-NC-SA
  23. 45:12 – 47:46 KARAVELO – gently CC BY
  24. 47:38 – 49:46 BLUEHEADPHONE – sweet rain of tears CC BY-NC
  25. 49:32 – 51:49 JOROMIX – raining outside CC BY
  26. 51:36 – 54:12 COLDBREW – welcome to my mind CC BY-NC
  27. 54:06 – 56:23 ADAM NEELY – …it ain’t my fault… CC BY
  28. 56:21 – 58:09 ORCEAN – ch.3 CC BY-NC-SA
  29. 57:51 – 00:00 V!S!ON – alone. CC BY-ND

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November 20 2019



Can anyone tell me how the game of DJing has become a popularity contest?  I am noticing lots of New Jacks expecting to headline events, and demanding respect without putting in any work. I am not going to put this solely on technology, but this generation’s need for instant gratification is disheartening. In my view to earn your title of DJ there are a few things you must do. First you must be willing to dedicate countless hours to harnessing your craft. There is no way you can expect to purchase a controller buy two hundred cuts and reasonably expect to be called a DJ. Second if you are DJing to be seen and for popularity this is the wrong art form for you. Ninety nine percent of DJs and producers never make it big. However, if you are measuring success by how much money you make or how large of a crowd you play for you will be extremely disappointed.  To all the trust fund kids no matter how much money you have it cannot buy you taste. As well paying dancers to jump on a stage and then claim diversity is foolhardy at best.  This is a slow road and nothing in this game happens quickly.

Over the past week Aaron Paar released another gem on his Worldship Music Imprint. The Pur Royale Project by way of Greg Ski Royal is a blast to the golden era of house music. Christopher featuring Greg Bowers is not just a track but it is a song with meaning. Too often times we are dancing to music that says nothing. Christopher resonates deeply with me. It’s speaking of someone trying make their life better. The simplicity and grit of the cut is a testament to using your musical elements wisely to make mayhem happen. Aaron Paar has again curated a timeless EP that will stand the test of time. I’d suggest to grab this now because anything on Worldship moves like a thief in the night.


It is fun to watch artists come into their own and that is exactly what is happening with LADYMONIX. She is a phenomenal DJ and as a producer her sound is becoming more and more defined. Baby EP on her imprint Frizner Electric is a piece of wax not to pass up at all. It is evident that LADYMONIX has taken on the sounds of her native Baltimore and her home of Detroit. Baby my favorite cut and the title track on the EP takes the Soul of Baltimore and Detroit’s raw emotional Deepness to create something so beautiful it is difficult to not keep repeating this track.  This is proof you can always honor the past while looking forward and that is most certainly what LADYMONIX does here.  Big things are in store for her in 2020 so keep your ears to the ground.


On November 23rd if you are in Southern California I would advise to attend Into The Woods with Louie Vega. I have had the opportunity to play ITW and the meticulous thought that goes into these event is impressive. From the sound to the atmosphere the curation of Jimmy Maheras enables his event to stand out as one of the best in the L.A. Underground. Vega will be playing a four hour set and I would expect him to go through NYC’s history of house and disco from classics to new. Warming the floor will be ITW resident Maheras. The party starts at 9pm and goes until 3am at Lot 613. Dress to sweat as this one stands to be quite possibly the party of the year in Southern California. Grab tix now as this is on it’s way to selling out.


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October 19 2019


Podcast October 2019: Future 3

[Download link of the podcast episode is at the end of this post]

This month simply a mix of Future Garage tracks, a genre a bit out of fashion, but still one I have a weakness for. Ideally you listen to it as background music while working or whatever you do and need concentration for.

  1. 00:00 – 03:05 RISSING – morning [MNMN Records MNMN390] CC BY-NC-ND
  2. 02:28 – 06:41 SAPPHEIROS – falling (ft. esorent) CC BY
  3. 06:09 – 12:30 PUSH AGAINST NEW FAKES – breathe CC BY-NC-SA
  4. 12:09 – 16:37 HILLS – living my dreams [SXN] CC BY-NC-ND
  5. 16:05 – 20:09 FIYUFIU – i still care for you CC BY-NC-SA
  6. 19:47 – 23:34 SIBEWEST – alone CC BY-NC-ND
  7. 23:18 – 27:12 NUAGES – without you CC BY-SA
  8. 27:05 – 30:55 SPARKSPITTER – portugese man of war (cavlry and daily holla remix) CC BY-NC-ND
  9. 30:33 – 36:48 KAKJAI part with oneself [Ledokol Records LED06] CC BY-NC-SA
  10. 36:19 – 38:47 MOTH EQUALS – honey trap CC BY-NC
  11. 38:28 – 41:44 PHONKDOCTOR SLOTH – duality CC BY
  12. 41:10 – 45:50 GURNUM – midnighttoker CC BY-NC-ND
  13. 45:37 – 47:43 ELHIXIR – now that you’re gone CC BY-NC
  14. 47:23 – 51:42 GTVNA – be true CC BY-NC
  15. 51:25 – 55:06 PATROS15 – let’s run away CC BY-NC-ND
  16. 54:48 – 00:00 L3T0 – négligence [Ledokol Records LED36] CC BY-NC-SA

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Der Beitrag Podcast October 2019: Future 3 erschien zuerst auf Machtdose.

October 11 2019


West Coast Happenings

Summer in San Diego was quite fruitful for Rhythm Nation San Diego. We made it two years and had quite an event at Kava Lounge with Master Kev, Taylor Houseman, and I. As well, hosted LADYMONIX for a crowd who ate up everything she threw at them. Things I took away from the summer were to always focus on music first and foremost, and to create an environment that allows people to escape reality for a few hours.

Around the city of San Diego there has been much going on with other crews also. Bouquet hosted Antal which happened to be quite an event to kick the summer off. Bump hosted by Shige and Matthew Michael kept their monthly events going hosting some of the best disco, nu wave, nu disco, and everything in between the city of San Diego has to offer. The Chocolate monthly event curated by Oscar P and Kenny Lytle definitely is holding down the Deep Afro sound. It is exciting to watch their following grow and grow each event.

I have noticed recently people are adamant about using the scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours method for gigs. This to me seems like a disaster waiting to happen.  Here is why, every party is not meant for every DJ’s sound. There should be no disrespect taken if a promoter is focusing on a specific vybe and feels another artist’s music does not fit. This is actually healthy and if people would understand this more events would make sense.  It is disrespectful to the art in my view to try and force yourself onto a bill for the sake of just playing and you don’t fit. Please stop doing this it’s thirsty and a bad look.

On November 1st I happen to be throwing an event. I will say when I decide to curate a party I throw all in. I have to believe in who I am hosting one hundred percent. It is never about what is the most popular music at the time. It is about presenting music and DJ’s I know people need to hear. Never is it easy, it is greatly rewarding to watch it all coalesce.

Headlining the event is Lakuti of Uzuri Bookings and Recordings. Originally from Soweto a part of Johannesburg known as one of the townships for blacks during apartheid. In the mid 90’s  she moved to London in which she started the legendary Sud Electronic. Lakuti says from Sud her label and booking agency Uzuri organically happened. She is responsible for breaking some of the freshest modern acts in dance music of this time. From Levon Vincent to Analog Soul to Jus-Ed she has worked with them all and had an impact on their careers. Aside from being a very fine agent she is a taste maker when it comes to music, and this is the exact reason I am excited to host her. Certainly this will be a treat for San Diego to experience.

Greg Gray founding member of Nu-Bang Clan is a Chicago DJ who has been around since the early days of house music. His work as Frankie Knuckles intern at The Power Plant for two years set him up for a wild ride in music. Establishing himself as a DJ, sound engineer, and producer Greg is respected by the who’s who of house music and a very fine producer and DJ himself. I’m personally very honored to have him out. During Movement Weekend he asked me if I would care to be a member of Nu Bang. It is quite an honor to be involved with a collective of DJ’s who have so many years of experience. When Sin-Say takes to the Box expect him to go all over as his stripes run very very deep.

Oscar P is a pioneer of sorts in the Afro realm. Having championed the sound here and made it his own he stands bright for all to see. He stands to be a great example for POC aspiring to make their way in dance music. His digital distributor Azucar is constantly pushing out fresh music and breaking new artists. Having watched him work for a few years now I have taken from him anything that I put my mind to in this arena I can make it happen on my own with hard work and discipline. It will be fun to watch him warm the floor November 1.

The event will be held at The Merrow in Hillcrest. I chose this space because of it’s magnetic energy when I walked into the room. It’s not every day that you find a venue that believes one hundred percent in what you are doing. With that being said I am happy to be able to work with them. Not to mention there is one hell of a sound system in that place. We like dark places with lots of character and The Merrow is just that.

Looking forward to seeing everyone out November 1st for a night of Deep Underground Music for your bodies.

Rhythm Nation San Diego And Nu Bang Clan Presents: Lakuti


Lakuti Listen

Greg Gray

Oscar P

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October 03 2019


Infinite State Radio archives

The Infinite State Radio show on deepfrequency.com ran from 2009 to 2010 transmitted live from my old flat in Brixton. Guest mixes can be found alongside my own hazy contributions, including those from some of the other ISM contributors. The music is as wide ranging and esoteric as you might expect.

The shows are gradually being added to this playlist so you can check them out.

You can find some more information on Deep Frequency and the Lucky Cloud soundsystem over here.

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Early Fall Music

The seemingly never-ending heat of summer 2019 is finally winding down, and the cool, crisp air of fall that always seems to make music sound just that little bit better to my ears is sweeping through. Thankfully there has been a small handful of new releases that feel tailor-made for the season that have caught my attention recently.

H Fusion Captured Entities The Death of Rave LP

This one is especially strange since just last month I had gone on a Howard Thomas/H Fusion binge, listening heavily to everything he had done (a grand total of two 12”s and two tracks on different CD-only comps), with the only one of them from the last thirteen years being the EP for Fit all the way back in 2012. I found myself wondering what he was up to now.

On Sunday, via Marcellus Pittman’s IG, I discovered that he had a brand new double LP out on a European label, and since there was another import I had already been planning to buy I pulled the trigger immediately. While he only had nine tracks released before this, this album’s 11 cuts both expand upon his earlier sound and also goes to new places. The grimy house music of his Sound Signature and Fit EPs is present here, though mixed in with a heavy dose of similarly rugged minimal techno and jit flavored jams.

The standout track for me over my initial listens is “14”, where Thomas takes the pounding funk rhythms of booty shaking jit music and layers in grinding synth tones more reminiscent of old school industrial music. The extreme speed of some of the tracks like “12” and “60” sound similar to the late 90s/early 00s Detroit style of pitching up techno jams to 45 rpm, though these faster jams are cut into the vinyl here at 45 meaning you can turn them down to 33 and have a really menacing and twisted house tempo track instead if that’s more your bag.

At their normal tempo, “19”, “11”, and “70” are all appropriate for those in the 120 bpm range with a nice variation on sounds running from acidic tweaking to lush synths. The overall vibe of every track gives the feeling you might expect if mid-90s Robert Hood did a remix album for early 80s Ike Yard, with aggressive, grating tones riding powerful, primitive drum machine rhythms. It sounds as if much if not all of it was recorded to cassette as well which adds a nice layer of atmosphere to the whole album.

I’ve been in a headspace recently where this is almost exactly what I’ve been wanting to hear, and this album is really hitting the spot for me right now.

Newworldaquarium “Mercury/Levels Halo” NWAQ 12”

I’ve been a fan of Jochem Peteri basically since I first started buying this kind of music. His more recent material hasn’t struck me as much as the early 00s era, but I always appreciate his approach. When this one came out, I checked it as usual. The A side is a nice bleepy techno jam, kind of reminding me of the 12” he did for New Religion. But then there is the B side. To me this is one of the most gorgeous and deep ambient techno tracks I have heard in a long, long time. It’s really just three parts as far as I can tell: a kick drum, a sweeping pad, and one little synth line. But there is magic in how they are weaved together, just a perfect moment that you want to keep going and going. Release the extended 20 minute version!

C. Scott Phase Shifting Soul Slime Cassette

Pittsburgh youth keeps coming through! He’s had a couple records out doing house music, and he’s been making a name for himself doing beats for MCs, but this is the first time C. Scott has really tried to show the totality of what he does in one release. Using an mpc2000, sp404a, a couple synths, plus some records, Charlie takes us on a tour of the funky soulful music he likes. Hiphop is the primary ingredient, whether that be instrumental beats like “Partially Parched” or “Cigarettes” or tracks with rappers, especiallt “Venus” which features Hubbs, a killer Pittsburgh MC. But you also get some future funk in “Mixed Threads” with an assist from longtime ISM fav Nice Rec, and deep house music on “Promise”, “Already”, and “Which Witch”. Despite the wide range of styles, Charlie’s musicality shines through, wearing all genres equally well.

Central AYR Productions “Hotter/Hypnotize/We Came To Party” PPU 12”

So this one actually came out earlier this summer but I only got around to ordering it recently. After constantly playing the jams off of the bandcamp page, I figured I needed to have the damn vinyl in hand. According to the story, the cat behind this record was a prolific DIY cassette multitracker, and this is the first of PPU’s efforts to give his music a proper release. This is house music from that Romanthony/Peven Everett/Seven Davis Jr methodology of raw, self produced vocal tracks with a lot of soulfulness going on. In fact this might be even less refined than any of those artists, and I like how that has worked out. You could easily imagine any of these cuts being beaten in a Theo Parrish or Marcellus Pittman set, mixed right in with old Detroit house and Chicago trax. All three can do damage in a set or at home, but the one I come back to most is “Hypnotize” which feels like the most developed song of the three, despite also being the slowest. But you really can’t go wrong with any of these jams.

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September 22 2019


September 09 2019


A Couple Late Summer New Records

It’s been kind of dry out there for me recently. Having a huge backlog of music from DEMF weekend made it seem not all that bad though. And the good thing is that the couple records I have picked up have all been quite excellent, some of my favorite music of the year so far.

??? – “What You Gonna Ask For” – Sound Signature

I’m not really sure how the artists are credited here but it seems to be by Theo Parrish along with a number of other musicians including a few from the group Hiatus Kaiyote. The result of this collaboration is exceptional, a loose neo soul inspired deep house vocal jam that is pretty much instantly recognizable as a hit. Two different versions are offered up, one mix by Theo and one by Dego. The differences in the mixes are not large, but as of now I usually listen to Dego’s version. The vibe of the song is reminiscent in ways of ERB’s classic “The Weekend” only if it was made by Jill Scott. The intro is not super DJ friendly, but once it starts you pretty much have to listen to all ten minutes (and then often I queue it up again!). Already this song makes me think back to the warm summer months and the long days that are just finally starting to feel a little cooler and shorter.

When the new SS 12” was being teased on their Instagram page, I just assumed it was gonna be SS 078 which was around as a test pressing in Detroit over DEMF weekend. This one is another total killer, a deep vocal cut that I would guess is called “This Is For You” that I will review properly when it finally does drop. Together these make for a ridiculous one-two punch for what has to be one of the most consistent labels over the last few years.

Javonntte – Le Nouveau Riche EP – Collective Rhythm Network

CRN’s first release last summer was a compilation 12” featuring artists they play frequently on their radio show out of Hamilton ON, including a new Rick Wilhite joint and two reissued tracks from Ron Allen and Terrence Parker respectively. For their second record they have reached out to Detroit’s prolific Javonntte for a full four track EP, a collection dedicated to his now defunct late 90s Nouveau Riche Entertainment label. Javonntte’s music stands out thanks to his jazz and soul influenced keyboard playing, which he combines with funky uptempo drums for a style that remains both nicely raw in production but musically on point as well.

“Late Nite Linwood” is both the lead track and my favorite on the record. It immediately throws me back to the feeling of walking into the basement of Oslo on Woodward or a loft party on Gratiot where the DJ is playing that impossibly deep variety of soulful house with just a touch of jazziness that Detroit does so well, and the dancers are all getting down and sweaty. “Planet Earth” and “Away” keep the swinging drums going but add the warm synth chords of Detroit techno to the mix. Finally, “Just… Us” is my preferred style of Javonntte’s music, the one where he takes a nice groove and creates a minimal but memorable vocal track around it. This one increases the sensuality and rounds out a nicely versatile house record.

The Strictly Jaz Unit – The Tempest LP – Strictly Jaz Unit Music

This is supposedly the final SJU album, and if that is correct they are going out on a very high note. Glenn and Boo both lean slightly toward their more electronic style on this album, in a fashion that feels like a jazz funk band doing an acid house record. Squelchy synths and deep kick drums are contrasted with beautiful melodies and lush production, creating a warm bed for the synth solos to lie down on. The songs on here have the same kind of maturity and musicality as Larry Heard’s most recent Mr. Fingers album, but hit harder and are far more dancefloor appropriate.

“Near The End” is a standout cut, with jacked out drums and an outer space synth solo. On a more electronic disco tip is “That Hour”, sounding like a Tom Moulton mixed jam but made on classic synths and drum machines with a killer bass player. Perhaps the coldest joint is “The Flat (London Projects)” which is bleepy and driving but still has excellent chord work. Honestly it is hard to even choose a favorite here, the whole album is high quality and memorable. It’s the kind of music I like to play very loudly while speeding through the city in the whip. I guess I have to say “Time Of Speed Not Day” is the one I play most frequently. Roland drums and a handful of squiggly synth parts might be common ingredients in many tracks, but here they are elevated by their moving and shifting interplay, and then the ethereal strings that are the cherry on top.

Dego – “Twelve Steps/Just Give It A Long Shot” – Neroli

After a string three classic releases on Neroli as Dego & the 2000Black Family starting all the way back in 2013, he returns once more for his biyearly bomb. However, this time he is credited by himself despite the presence of many of his usual cohorts on a variety of instruments.

“Twelve Steps” is quite an interesting one, as it sounds very much like a live band playing but the arrangement is far more tracky. Elements come in and out every so many bars, eschewing the big jazz style chord fills of much of his recent music in favor of something very stripped back. The instrumentation reminds me at times of Eddy Grant’s all time classic “Time Warp”, one of the great early 80s moments when disco funk started to cross over into what would become house music.

On the flipside, “Just Give It A Long Shot” is a bit more like what you’ve come to expect from modern Dego productions. Channeling Roy Ayers’ golden years, but with that West London hard rhythmic sensibility, my only complaint with this one is that it is so short. It leaves me always wanting more. Still I can see this one being big with the neo soul crossover crew.

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August 30 2019


July 09 2019


A Hole Bigger than the Sun

[Download link of the podcast episode is at the end of this post]

Another mix for space explorers.

  1. 00:00 – 05:12 ALEKS MICHALSKI – insight CC BY-NC-SA
  2. 04:32 – 16:02 ARJEN SCHAT – 20170615 CC BY-NC-ND
  3. 15:25 – 20:44 DEREK NIGELL – face of spring [United Studios Corporation] CC BY-SA
  4. 20:27 – 26:58 EARLYGUARD – deviant delusions CC BY-NC-ND
  5. 26:24 – 31:53 EKO FISK – the infiltrator CC BY-NC-ND
  6. 31:41 – 37:04 AEVIO – grain [NuLogic 095] CC BY-NC-ND
  7. 36:41 – 42:13 TOM EVANS – over heard CC BY-SA
  8. 42:00 – 51:57 220 HALTON – interstellar calculations [Kahvi Collective #416] CC BY-NC-ND
  9. 51:36 – 57:40 DTIME – into the machine CC BY-NC-ND
  10. 57:23 – 00:00 LONE COSMONAUT – submerged [The Committee for Sonic Research] CC BY-NC-SA

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June 25 2019


Early Summer 2019 Jams

DEMF weekend is always a goldmine for me acquiring new music, and this year it was so much that it took a while to be able take it all in. Now that I have a handle on it, here are some of the highlights of the jams that are actually out and available:

Teflon Dons – LA Housin’ Authority EP

So this one actually appeared in my mailbox the day I got home from Detroit, but still. I’ve been listening to the old TD material so much and the whole style and vibe of their music is still really underrated if anything, despite the second hand prices of the early records. It can be a questionable move for any artist to release new music after a long time not doing so, but there is nothing to worry about here. Aaron Paar took some jams he had started working on back in 95-97 and finished them off recently, which helps with maintaining the proper Worldship Music feel. All four cuts are that grimy, dubby garage you would expect, and they’re all solid dancefloor joints. My pick is probably “Imperial Courts” but you can’t go wrong with any of them.

NDATL Special Edition 2019, Kai Alcé remixes of Kamasi Washington and Gregory Porter, Rickey Corey Collective “Who Do You Love”

By now almost everybody is aware of the heat that Kai drops every DEMF weekend. This year he really stepped it up a notch. The special edition is a killer deep house record that features jams by Nick Holder, Brett Dancer, and Kai himself. This is sure to bring you back to the heyday of underground deepness like the classic labels DNH and Track Mode were notorious for.

Rickey Corey’s “Who Do You Love” is a slick little soulful vocal joint, with background vox by NDATL alumnus Kayenne and production assistance by Kai. I find the hook stuck in my head frequently. Josh Milan takes it and pumps up the orchestration and fills out the low end with fat synth bass on his vocal remix, while his dub adds layers of synth soloing and the instrumental strips it all the way back to the groove essentials.

As great as these releases are, the highlight here is unquestionably Kai’s remixes of Kamasi Washington and Gregory Porter. I mentioned this one back in April, but my feelings for it have only grown. Initially the remix of Kamasi’s “Askim” was my preference with its spiritual jazz horn business over a groove reminiscent of Kai’s Dangerfeel Newbies mix. But now I find myself reaching for the remix of Gregory Porter’s “On My Way To Harlem” more, an absolutely smoking hot vocal track that rides upbeat drums and instrumentation for a while before dropping the vocals in. Both of these are clearly instant classics, and the addition of instrumentals and a Thundercat Dub of “Askim” on the second disc only makes it all the more apparent that NDATL is on top of the house music game right now.

Scott Grooves “Over You”

Scott is also notorious for debuting new records just about every year for DEMF weekend and they’re always killers. This one is no exception, a version of “Over You” (that he originally did back in 94 on Soirée) which he recorded in ‘96 with Thornetta Davis on vocals and her backing band providing instrumentation. This transforms what had been a minimal garage track in its initial version into what is now a soulful house jam with live instruments that feels like it was made yesterday, not over two decades ago.

Stefan Ringer – FWM-002

Stefan follows up on last year’s debut record on his own label with some more of his distinctive style of house music. Taking the instrumentation of Chicago trax and the synths of boogie funk and mashing them together, “Sexual Obsession” gets the full side pressing to do its thing and it is definitely the highlight here. Stefan likes to throw his own vocals in the mix and he does so again here, more minimally than on last year’s “I Wanna Be Bad” but this feels likely to be almost as big of a track for him. “Afrotine” adopts a broken beat feel while “Time” wouldn’t feel out of place on the soundtrack for the show Insecure. Another strong release for FWM.

Whodat/Viola Klein – Workshop 26

Terri Whodat McQueen has been doing her thing in Detroit’s house underground for years and years. I met her in the early 00s when she was chilling at Rick Wilhite’s Vibes shop, and I’ve seen her DJ a bunch over the years. She also owned Ya Dig Records, a house music shop in Detroit for a while. She has had a few records out, including some collaborations with Viola Klein on her solo material. But for me, the A side here is her best work so far. “Funeral Song” is one of those deceptively simple tracks that might be overlooked by non-DJs but in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing, it’s a killer. The whole track is basically a groove featuring a melodic bassline, vaguely UR style synth chords, and a funky house rhythm with a few vocal chops thrown in. But that’s all it needs. The flipside, “Reprise AoUFC”, is also interesting, combining a grimy house beat with a sampled speech that simultaneously feels both spiritual and political.

Jeremiah Shaw/Shawescape Renegade – Escapism

Jeremiah is one of the real electro soldiers out there putting in work. His first solo record dropped at last year’s festival and it was one of the big surprises of the year, full of melodic electrofunk. This year he did it again, keeping that Detroit bounce but stripping back the synth work a bit for a slightly edgier vibe. There’s really not a whole lot coming out these days that is like these records, but they would have been massive anthems on the New Dance Show, inspiring dance lines weekly. For now I’m just happy he is doing it and doing it so well. My pick on here is “Neuron Galaxy”, but honestly I think someone needs to do a DJ mix of both of these EPs into each other, using double copies the way this music is meant to be. Maybe that could help inspire some more dope electrofunk releases.

VA – Our History, Our Heritage, Our Culture

Sean “The Butcher” Tate has been active on the Detroit underground for years, including dropping tracks on various compilations from Rick Wilhite. Last year saw him start his own label, Remember Why You Started, which kicked off with his own A Matter of Creation EP. the second release on RWYS is coming out now and this time Sean tries his own hand at a Detroit compilation. Things kick off with Strand’s “ASYNC2”, a techno soul track the likes of which are rarely heard in the late 2010’s. Deep synth work and a slightly electro rhythm create an atmosphere that feels very fresh and futuristic. Blaktony’s “Condition Critical” is a spaced out electrofunk jam, while Sean teams up with his Bassment cohort Mollison under their Folson & Tate alias for the funky techno cut “Roundtables”. On the flip is Sean’s “A Matter of Destruction”, a dark minimal Detroit techno jam, whose remix by Reel By Real adds a deep synth bass and some beautiful chords to take it to another level altogether. This is the kind of record I used to love picking up in Detroit, one that covers a range of tempos and styles, showing the diversity of techno music in its place of origin.

DJ Kemit feat Carl Mcintosh “Digital Love (Kai Alcé Remix)”, Julion De’Angelo – “Stand on Your Square” and In-Patience

The remix of “Digital Love” finally sees a vinyl release after initially dropping on one of those Sound Signature comp CDs three whole years ago. Over that time this has been one of the biggest tracks in nearly all of my sets, and it’s good to see it seems to be having a similar effect now that everybody is getting hip to it. It’s almost silly how good Kai is, but I was beating this jam to death before I even knew he was involved with it. Of course I was not surprised in the least.

Julion’s first record under his own name was a split with Thomas Xu a few years back on Sound Signature, and this new release courtesy of Tone Log Records sees him stepping it up over a full solo EP. The title track appears in two parts, both deep and synthy with a touch of off-kilter rhythms that keep it sounding fresh. “Sizzlelean” strips it back to some banging funky 808 action. If you’re a fan of that Theo Parrish and Marcellus Pittman style future soul house music, this is right up your alley. Julion also dropped a mix CD earlier this year on Sound Signature that I finally picked up entitled In-Patience. As you’d expect from that label you get a nice mix of house, techno, funk, jazz, hiphop, and even some reggae.

Moodymann – Sinner LP

KDJ dropped a new LP out of nowhere at his BBQ party in a back yard in the cut of Detroit. And it’s a weird one. The first disc is a bit more techno influenced, like if Prince had been inspired by 80s Detroit records. “I’ll Provide” is a dirty acid style jam, while “I Think of Saturday” is a more minimal track and maybe my favorite thing on the album. The second disc adds more of a soul flavor, with the full side going to “If I Gave You My Love”. Aside from beginning and ending with the vocal sample from Fatboy Slim’s “Praise You” (?!?!), this is very reminiscent of classic Moodymann jazzy soulful house music. The tracks on the flip are more neo soul indebted, especially the killer “Sinnerman”. All in all, a nice little album from Moodymann.

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June 21 2019


Upcoming Things And 5 Questions With Master Kev

It’s been two years since I have started Rhythm Nation San Diego. So before I start I’d like to say thank you to a few people. They are as follows: Thomas Cox, Ricardo Miranda, Cordell Johnson, Rick Wilhite, Jimmy Maheras, Bailey Rogers, Aaron Paar and Chris Manik. All of these people were instrumental in giving me advice and helping me nurture RNSD from the very beginning. Without their help and guidance I definitely would not have made it this far.

This entire thing has been a learning process. From promotion techniques, curation, sound, and choosing the perfect venue. There have been extreme ups and some downs. All in all it has been worth all of the effort to make RNSD come to fruition.  I am looking forward to what the next year brings. Most important however, is always stay true to your sound, vision, and never compromise music for popularity.

I specifically started Rhythm Nation to showcase unknown talent, and to pass Soulful Underground Dance Music to the youth. As of recent I moved away from that concept hosting bigger names, but I would care to go back to basics. That is a small room, big sound, and DJs that can play regardless of their status.

On July 3rd RNSD is hosting it’s 2nd Anniversary with with Master Kev and local San Diego jocks Taylor Houseman, Joseph Spencer, and myself. I asked three to play because of the respect I have for each, their work ethic, and the fact they easily understood my vision for the event. So it just made sense to give it a go.

Master Kev originally from NYC grew up in a time in which radio was influential. Coming up on mixes of Timmy Regisford, Tony Humphries, and Frankie Crocker Kev got a first hand view into a burgeoning sound. Having played the world over as a DJ. Finally breaking into production he has a slew of gems as production duo MKTL with partner Tony Loreto.  As well look for new productions later this year from Kev.

I asked Kev a few questions about his view on music. Hope you enjoy the read.

Vincent:  What is your definition of a DJ?

Kev : A DJ is someone who paints the canvas of the dance floor and ultimately defines the meaning of the word ‘convey’ by taking the dancers on the floor to a very special place where they can release and be free. The dancers come for their release and the DJ is their to fully ensure that happens.

Vincent: Who are your major inspirations in dance music and why?

Kev: I would say as Club DJ’s of course I was very heavily influenced by Timmy Regisford, Tony Humphries and Merlin Bobb in the early years. Later years more Louie Vega, Osunlade, Ron Trent, David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Danny Krivit, DJ Spen, Karizma.. etc.. As far as musical artists/bands/singers I would say Rochelle Fleming (First Choice), Loleatta Holloway, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Teddy Pendergrass, Luther Vandross. In the later years I would say Tortured Soul, Josh Milan, Byron Stingily, Jasper Street (Basement Boys), Omar, Erro AKA Eric Robertson, Barbara Tucker, Ultra Nate, Monique Bingham, Lisa Shaw, Black Coffee. As far as producers past and present I’d say Kerri Chandler, Jovonn, Glenn Underground, Crackazat, Louie Vega, Marshall Jefferson, Kevin Saunderson, Basement Boys, Mark Di Meo, Tony Loreto, Mijangos, Eric Kupper, Moodyman, Def Mix (Frankie Knuckles & David Morales), John Robinson, Blaze & Josh Milan, Murk, Benji Candelario. OMG I can go on and on for days with this one. This list is endless. As for radio personalities (Hey you asked artists so my list is quite long and diverse. There are several but the 3 most influential for me are Paco (Disco 92 WKTU), Hal Jackson (WBLS) and of course the only and only Chief Rocker Frankie Crocker (WBLS legend).

Vincent: What are your top five records (any genre)

Kev: This is a REALLY tough question for me as I love multiple genres/eras of music but classic rock (Thanks to my dad) is my first love. I’m an old soul so I will do my best here.

  1. The Beattles – Abbey Road (An absolute MASTERPIECE) Side B
  2. MFSB- Love Is The Message
  3.  The Who and Pearl Jam Versions- Reign O’er Me
  4.  Billy Joel- New York State Of Mind
  5.  (Tie) Luther Vandross- A House Is Not A Home, Grover Washington Jr- Mr. Magic

Vincent: What Is Master Kev’s style as a DJ?

Kev: I would say my style in the earlier years was a direct reflection of Timmy Regisford and Merlin Bobb as well as Tony Humphries, but as the years progressed I studied a lot of Louie Vega, David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Osunlade, Ron Trent, Kerri Chandler, and Black Coffee. So I would say honestly my style is a bit all over the place (disco, house, soulful, afro, tech, some techno, deep tech, afro tech, a little jackin, deep, gospel house, progressive deep house as long as the underlying common vibe is soul and for sure FUNK.

Vincent: What does Deep mean to you?

Kev: Deep means a whole lot of things. Musically, spiritually etc, but on a musical tip I would say deep is just getting me(as a fan, listener, dancer) or me getting the dancers to that special place. No matter what the specific genre of house. I’m from NYC so of course I love it super deep, but I also realize these days you can’t always play super deep in certain markets/cities but even for those parties where I tend to play more tracky or bumpy I’ll always keep a funk and soulful vibe to it. Deep is DEEP!!! Rhythm Nation 2nd Anniversary takes place Juy 3rd from 9pm until 2am at Kava Lounge in San Diego, CA.


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May 30 2019


May 20 2019



Every year around this time I get excited to go to Techno City. The anticipation is always high because Detroit is such a wonderful place. The music is always incredible, and the people very genuine. For me it is especially inspiring to watch strong brothas and sistahs who are entrepreneurs, artists, and musicians thrive.

If you have never been to Detroit it is imperative that you experience it’s vibrant musical culture outside of the festival. Whether it be jazz, funk, soul, house, techno, or hip hop music is embedded in the culture of the city. You are doing a disservice to yourself to not venture past Jefferson and Woodward .

I always am curious to understand why people would travel thousands of miles to Detroit and not seek to find the true story. The DJ’s, producers, promoters, and regular attendees all throughout the year should be celebrated, as they are the ones holding it down. Those people are the reason why Movement exists in the first place. Without their hard work, dedication and perseverance throughout the years this weekend would not exist.

Dance music is rapidly becoming younger and less diverse. It is extremely important to ensure it’s original narrative is front and center for all to see. Otherwise the risk of being written out is the reality we will face. It is with great hope that we do not allow that to ever happen.

This year there are so many parties if you are inexperienced it would be a daunting task to decided which events to attend. Generally speaking the best events host home grown talent, and are definitively soulful. Choosing to visit Detroit and not experience this side of the city in my view is wasted time.

The weekend starts of in epic fashion with Theo Parrish’s Music Gallery Nine. If you are hoping to attend a party with DJ’s who can play any and everything look no further. Their concept is simple; great music, big sound, and an unpretentious atmosphere. Arrive early and stay late as this one bangs every year.


Saturday has so many great events even I am torn on where I would be. With that being said do yourself a favor and check Underground And Black: Detroit at Mix Bricktown from 1400 to 2200. The event features a few of the soulful undergrounds next generation. As well, Patrice Scott who right now is on a tear with his productions. If you have never heard him DJ get there because he is going to leave the room hot, sweaty, and you begging for more.


Saturday night get ready because it’s going to be bananas. Between Rick Wilhite’s The Formula Is Back, and Kai Alce’s Deep Detroit 11, hop parties is all I can say. There is enough firepower with these two parties to definitely leaving you in bed sore and tired until at least Sunday afternoon.

The Formula Is Back features Josh Milan one half of the legendary duo responsible for hits produced by Blaze in the golden era of house. As well, Josh Milan’s music on his Honeycomb imprint is some of the finest soulful dance music produced today. Home grown artist’s Rick Wilhite, Alton Miller, DJ Minx, Bruce Bailey, and Atlanta’s DJ Deb round out the lineup. If you are a fan of Deep Soulful sounds and care to be surrounding by a mature and sophisticated audience this one is for you.

Image may contain: 6 people, including Josh Milan and Rick Wilhite, text


Deep Detroit 11 is always one of the most anticipated events of the weekend. For good reason this one always goes hard. The lazer guided curation and thought that goes into Kai’s production displays why he is one of the best producers of his generation and an excellent DJ likewise. Larry Heard, Chez Damier, Derrick May and many others have made appearances. Huge energy, a room full of dancers, and his rare vinyl release for the party make this the place to be. This year Track Mode and DNH label bosses Brett Dancer, and Nick Holder hold it down. Both of their labels are responsible for some of the finest and timeless releases of recent memory. If you care to bring the sun up dancing to Deep Underground Vybes this is where you need to be.

Image may contain: text


Sunday night Excursions Detroit takes place at a brand new venue Detroit Artists Test Lab. Curated by Cordell Johnson and James Vincent. The original concept born in Chicago with a desire to provide an aspect of community as part of their vision. The two have definitely done so, and the Detroit version has become a destination event Movement Weekend. As always the lineup starts with Detroit’s own Marcellus Pittman, Japan’s Loftsoul, rounded out by residents CJ and JV. This year’s special guest is Lakuti of Berlin. Originally from South Africa she now heads up Uzuri booking agency with an impressive roster of DJs. Her residency Finest Friday at Panorama Bar in Berlin alongside partner Tama Sumo has hosted the who’s who of dance music. This is shaping up as one to be remembered. Dress to sweat!! Come early and stay late because this one is going to rock hard.

No photo description available.


Looking forward to vybing out. Here is seeing old friends and meeting new!!! If we see each other around say Hi!!!!!

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April 28 2019


April 22 2019


Bunch of New Records

This year was feeling a little slow for new releases I cared about. That seems to have changed over the last month or so. I’m just going to do a quick rundown of some of the things that are out and about right now….

https://youtu.be/8qa7PmYkZjk Video can’t be loaded: Cloud Nine (feat. MdCL & Javonntte) (https://youtu.be/8qa7PmYkZjk)

An early contender for jam of the year is Patrick Gibin’s 12” on Eglo called “Cloud 9” which features Javonntte on vocals and Mark De Clive Lowe on keys. This is every bit as good as you’d expect with that lineup and it’s one that will stick in your head after you hear it.

Another top joint so far is Kai Alcé’s newest 12”. He made a few copies available online for Record Store Day and they sold out within an hour or so. It will be available at Deep Detroit as well, and it is typically excellent. This time he remixes Kamasi Washington on one side and Gregory Porter on the flip. Both kill!

One of my favorite labels is back. Down Low Music has restarted and their first release is the long awaited vinyl pressing of The Connection Machine’s Painless album (which was originally released on CD by Down Low in 2004 but was recorded for Planet E all the way back in 1994). Even after all these years this remains one of my favorite techno albums.

https://youtu.be/zAgsU0JHE1M Video can’t be loaded: Teflon Dons feat. Gregory Porter – Tomorrow People (Teflon Dub) (https://youtu.be/zAgsU0JHE1M)

The Teflon Dons have re-released their classic joint “Tomorrow People” (which was the first ever appearance of Gregory Porter on record) on a 7”. The vocal mix was on Must Have Records’ essential Teflon Dons double pack from a few years back, but this also includes the very different but also very dope dub mix. The first pressing of this 7” was a stamped white label that sold out quickly, but there’s another pressing coming with label art. And a little birdy mentioned that there may be some new Teflon Dons music coming soon on Worldship…. (!!!!)

Also on 7” is the newest release on Unirhythm, two tracks called “Fruits And Vegetable Groove” and “Love 4 My Kinfolk”. This time it is some of Marcellus Pittman’s downtempo and abstract hiphop oriented grooves. If you like his house music these definitely maintain his production style and approach, like an artist who is comfortable working within many genres instead of switching it up to fit in when doing something different.

The homie Rebecca Goldberg has a new one out. Despite going under her real name now, she continues with the acid from her first two records but with a little bit tougher of a techno edge to it. She has two tracks on a split 12” on Cryovac alongside A Garcia and M Kretsch, with my choice being the inside cut “Panopticon”.

Fxhe has put out two non-Omar S records that have piqued my interest this year. First was Norm Talley’s Pier Place Project and more recently is Tink Thomas’s Vibrationz EP. Both have that gritty sample based style of deep house that are associated with Detroit house from the 90s and that’s no surprise as both were active back then. And this sound is still effective even now.

Another unsung hero of Detroit house is Vincent Halliburton, and his newest record Vibe Under A Different Frequency just dropped on his own Algorithm label. The first one on there was very rare and hard to come by, and I don’t know how widely released this one will be either. But I think it’s actually the better of the two records with a similar deep and organic feel to his work with Joy of Sound Productions.

https://youtu.be/KJJHWdNfKcs Video can’t be loaded: Sound Stream – Mercury Mood (https://youtu.be/KJJHWdNfKcs)

Sound Stream has been a great project for 20 years now, and they are celebrating by releasing a double 12” album of all new material. Most of the record has that micro edit disco thing going on that made SS famous, but the highlight for me is definitely “Mercury Mood” which is more old school melodic techno and a standout for that sound as well.

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March 02 2019


Mix: D1 Recordings: Box Set

It has been a few years since I last mentioned D1 Recordings on here, around the time Fatima Yamaha’s Whats a Girl To Do was getting the re-issue treatment. I wondered if there would be any more music released from the publicity-shy imprint and though it took a while there is now a new release on the horizon, in the way of a big fuck-off 6 disc box set featuring over 50 tracks. As you do. It is now 25 years since D1 first started and to also coincide with this they are throwing a big party in Tengu in Dublin on Patrick’s Day, which is also about loading up with  as many live acts and djs as the box set is (including myself, which I’m quite happy about).

I got a hold of the music from the box set a little while ago and I finally got around to recording my first solo mix in 2 years with it…some 20-odd tracks of the 55 feature across the hour.
You can pre-order the release HERE

Tracklist is bellow the link…

Linda Buckley – Vespers
Roger Doyle – Ling Liv Low
Zvuku – Abandoned
Joni & Kaboogie – Demons
Tegolin – Extremadura
Derek Carr – Animosity International
Visitor – Old Times
Scott Logan – Complex
Seventh Earth Project – Get Off My Planet
LDR21 – Mid-Term Break
Naphta – All In The Game Pt.2
Sunken Foal – Nosferatu
Decoy – Finally Gone
David Donohoe – A Thousand Lies
K-1 – Androgynous
Automatic Tasty – Thinking Of You
Americhord – I Can
Shawn Rudiman – Resonant Wasteland
Rob Rowland – MaxYMela

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